Your irrigation system should save you money, not waste it! New technologies and better equipment on the market improve efficiency and save water and money for customers.
For this reason, older irrigation systems will need modernization. There are many ways in which a watering system can signal that it needs to be refreshed. For example, the use of water may have escalated or the appearance may have deteriorated. Another sign is that the number of failures has increased or system maintenance costs have become excessive. To prevent the continuation, the system will most likely need to be upgraded with a new configuration of the sprinklers, new nozzles and / or programmer. The update can only consist of something as simple as replacing the sprinklers. Existing ones may have stopped rotating, not lifting high enough or spreading water slightly, and it is time to be more effective in water consumption.
The update may also include replacing the valves as they no longer open or remain open, or additional functions such as flow control or pressure control may be required.
Renovation can only consist of a programmer or replacement of the old one. It would be desirable to allow more flexibility in the watering schedule, switch to a smart programmer to make the irrigation system more sustainable by reducing overall water use or because the programmer simply refuses to operate.
Technologies provide ways to better manage the irrigation system, improve system performance and make it more efficient. Therefore, only technological improvements may be the reason for its upgrading. This is possible with the introduction of smart programmers and soil moisture sensors. Adding a irrigation programmer to your system will allow you to set the irrigation start / stop time, adjust its duration, and focus on certain areas of the property.
Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, you can set a schedule for irrigation according to the needs of individual plant types, without having to make adjustments manually each time to make the system more efficient. This will make it possible for the system to irrigate the grass more often than shrubs or loamy soils in shorter intervals than others to allow the water to absorb and avoid drainage.
The programmer will receive data from the nearest weather station. This helps your system to keep up with the change in time instead of responding to the current conditions.
You can also use a remote sensor to reduce your water consumption. One of the main reasons for the sale of these programmers is the ability to track full watering information. With them, customers and suppliers can receive signals when a valve is stuck or if a station does not provide information. This allows for faster repairs and creates a better environment for healthy plant species.
There are also some new wirelessly managed systems that have a permanent Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to control them from anywhere.
Intelligent programmers ignore the “put it and forget” mentality of irrigation operators, be it a landlord, owner or property manager, thus saving significant amounts of water when properly installed and programmed.
The programmer does not get information just about the conditions today and right now and does not apply the same amount of water. It is programmed according to plant species, rainfall, root system depth and soil type. These parameters are used to set up the baseline, and then the climate data or the soil moisture sensor readings are used to adjust this scheme to apply the required amount of water based on existing weather conditions and soil humidity.
Renovating the sprinklers, if they are more than five years old, will only improve the uniformity of the amount of water that is being applied. Over the last decade, irrigation sprinkler makers have greatly improved their ability to deliver water evenly, as well as their reliability. Where possible, upgrading only the nozzles for the sprinklers will improve the distribution of water. Renovating both sprinklers and nozzles will improve uniformity and reliability.

Hydrawise Wi-Fi controller products

To start saving water and control irrigation systems from your smartphone or web browser, all you need is the Hydrawise Ready controller. A range of additional Hydrawise flow meters is available to enable you to take advantage of modern water saving features and provide water usage reports.

Products for Wi-Fi controller


Metal Enclosure,
8 to 54 Zone Wi-Fi Controller


Plastic Enclosure,
8 to 54 Zone Wi-Fi Controller

Pro- HC

6, 12 or 24 Zone
Wi-Fi Controller

Pro-C Hydrawise

4 to 16 Zone
Wi-Fi Controller

HC 6 или 12- лентов

Wi-Fi controller

HC 12 zone

Wi-Fi controller

Hydrawise System Add-Ons

Flow Meter

(3/4″ coupling)

  • Up to 21 gallons / 80 litres per minute
  • Measures water usage online
  • Alerts you of breaks or failures

Flow Meter

(1″ coupling)

  • Up to 34 gallons / 100 litres per minute
  • Measures water usage online
  • Alerts you of breaks or failures

Flow Meter

(1 1/2″ coupling)

  • Up to 88 gallons / 330 litres per minute
  • Measures water usage online
  • Alerts you of breaks or failures

Flow Meter

(2″ coupling)

  • Up to 132 gallons / 500 litres per minute
  • Measures water usage online
  • Alerts you of breaks or failures

Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller Comparison Chart


HC 6 zoneStandard

HC 12 zonePro

Pro-C HydrawisePro


Number of Zones 6 12 4-16 6,12,24
Enclosure Indoor Indoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Screen Type 2.8″ Color TFT 2.8″ Color TFT 2.8″ Color TFT 2.8″ Color TFT
Physical Interface Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen
Sensor Inputs 2 2 1 2
Start/Stop Zones from Unit Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi Certified Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Configuration without Wi-Fi Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Expansion Capability Up to 36 zones
Faulty Wiring Alerts No Yes  Yes  Yes 
Wire Entry Rear entry or bottom entry via electrical conduit Rear entry or bottom entry via electrical conduit Knock-out located on bottom of controller via electrical conduit Knock-out located on bottom of controller via electrical conduit
Wiring Protection Sealed cover Sealed cover Professional Enclosure Professional Enclosure