Automated irrigation systems provide an intelligent and economical watering of green areas. By introducing an automated watering system, the optimum water regime of all plants in the garden is ensured and water consumption is optimized. A successful irrigation system collects many separate parts of the equipment together in one system. When designing it, a large number of variables must be considered – planting, location, soil type, water supply, water regulation, budget, etc.
With our experience in irrigation systems, we can provide friendly and useful advice on irrigation, such as the best way to irrigate a particular area or outline the advantages and disadvantages of specific approaches. Therefore, along with the design of the irrigation system, we offer a range of services to ensure its smooth operation.


  • Designing – The first step in the design of automated irrigation systems begins with a view.
  • Construction – Following the approval and approval of the automated irrigation system project, it is proceeding to its implementation.
  • Maintenance – Da-li offers maintenance, upgrade and repair of irrigation systems.
  • Programmers – Since its inception, Hunter Industries has been known as “Irrigation Innovators”.
  • Lighting – The professional exterior lighting of the garden adds beauty.