Installing an automated irrigation system is a complex task. For the most effective irrigation system and landscaping, you need the right design, installation, management and maintenance. Therefore, it is best to hire a qualified specialist to design, select, install and maintain your system. We are experts in hydraulics, suitable sizing of sprinklers, the installation and functional use of programmers, the requirements of vegetation regarding the amount of water and the types of soils. Our skills will help you provide a water-efficient irrigation system and years of trouble-free work.
Programmers are the brains of the irrigation system. They activate and deactivate certain irrigation zones according to the programmed operating times. Properly programmed, they ensure that all plants receive the required amount of water at optimum watering times. Choosing the right programmer usually depends on the number of zones needed in a system, and whether these areas will become more or will be reduced in the future.
One of the largest manufacturers of automated irrigation systems, including programmers, is Hunter. They focus on the development of innovative, professional products for effective irrigation. Hunter’s proven water-saving products combine water-efficient design with a sustainable design that allows products to last for years under outdoor conditions. In the hands of professionals like us, Hunter’s products will help you save water, irrespective of the type of irrigation or location.
Programmers are sometimes called irrigation timers. Hunter offers a range of user-friendly smart programmers with water-saving features and designed to fit on any irrigation system. Simply put, the intelligent irrigation programmer or timer has built-in water saving features, including a sensor that adapts to the optimal spraying time based on local weather. Smart programmers help ensure healthy and beautiful plants, while reducing water use and costs. Hunter is the first irrigation system manufacturer to receive the US Environmental Protection Agency’s approval regarding the wide range of intelligent water-saving programmers it offers. With proper installation, programming and maintenance, homeowners and businesses can use the programmers to save billions of liters of water per year. They change the irrigation time by giving a quick response stopping the irrigation system during rain and / or frost to save water.

Programmer Benefits:

Equipped with a Hunter programmer, you will never have to run a hose anywhere in the yard, try to find out if you’ve used enough or too much water and never worry about watering the lawn while you’re away.

Since its
inception Hunter Industries has been known as “Irrigation Innovators”. Today, the catalog offers them products that focus on quality and efficiency to develop healthy, sustainable vegetation, using less water than ever before.

Attractive landscaping requires considerable investment and careful maintenance. The automated irrigation system protects this investment through healthier, longer live plants and grass. Healthy,
well maintained plants will also increase the value of your property and significantly improve its view.

Programmers are reliable and easy to program, and they automatically adjust the irrigation schedule based on daily weather conditions, resulting in greater water savings throughout the year.