We offer:

  • Winterizing and recovering the irrigation system;
  • Cleaning of filters and valves;
  • Adjustment of the irrigation system according to the season;
  • Adjustment and replacement of sprinklers;
  • Adding new sprinklers and drip irrigation;
  • Optimization of the irrigation system.

– Service and wintering
Because irrigation systems are typically not designed to work during the winter months, we leave the pump and auxiliary water equipment at this service visit, stop the water flows to the storage tanks and drain the power supply. If necessary, stop the irrigation programs and drain the water from overhead pipelines.
The inability of the irrigation system to service properly and to spoil it can result in very expensive damages to the pump due to freezing.

-Profile visit to prepare the operating system
During the spring visit, we put the irrigation system back into operation, which includes piping flushing, nozzle re-adjustment, leakage checking, and early spring runtime programming. We also check the work sensors. The irrigation system is ready for use.

– Summer maintenance visit
During the summer irrigation maintenance visit, we check all systems, fine-tune the sprinklers and re-set the programmer to work in summer time. The drier or wetter stretches will show even the smallest necessary time zone changes.

– Irrigation project management
For larger projects, YAI can offer irrigation management projects through regular on-site visits to check progress and ensure that each phase of the installation is completed correctly.

Irrigation installations require work with a number of specialists, including landscapers. Project management can ensure that each particular project party knows what is needed and when. In particular, it includes irrigation programmer installation, system testing, and long-term maintenance contracts if necessary.

– Repair of irrigation systems
YES offers maintenance, upgrade and repair of irrigation systems. With our experience, we can quickly and efficiently repair systems. You can contact us for more information.

– Service
The irrigation system is an indispensable helper in the development and maintenance of the garden. It can provide you with a perfect look of decorative vegetation and herbage, but it can also cause problems. Therefore, after the irrigation system is built, proper setup and maintenance are required. Regular servicing of irrigation equipment extends service life and reliability. Trust our team of professionals with years of experience in designing, building and maintaining automated irrigation systems.
To ensure that the irrigation systems remain in the best condition, we provide a subscription to servicing irrigation systems consisting of 2 or 3 visits a month.