Over 10 years of experience

Da-Li has over 10 years of experience in the field of project management for automated irrigation.

Overall solutions

We are able to provide services such as creation of project, complete design, pricing and delivery.


Technologies provide ways to better manage the irrigation system and make it more efficient.


Automatic tuning based on very accurate weather data from the Internet.

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Da- Li has over 10 years of experience in managing gardening projects from start to finish, building competencies in all areas of landscape irrigation systems. We are able to provide a complete service for the design of irrigation systems from initial consultation, complete design and pricing to delivery of all necessary parts and installation services. Once the project has been completed, Da-Li provides system testing and long-term maintenance contracts.


After the coordination and approval of the project for automated irrigation system, it goes to its implementation.


Effective water management is one of the key elements in the successful operation and management of irrigation systems.


New technologies and better equipment on the market improve efficiency and save water and money for customers.

Landscape irrigation - manual or automatic irrigation

Maintaining landscape irrigation can be a constant struggle, especially during the hot summer months. Manual irrigation can be even more challenging as you need to take time in your busy schedule to do it. In simple words, in manual irrigation, watering the grass, flower beds, trees and bushes is done by hand with hoses and sprinklers.
One of the main advantages of automatic irrigation is to save time. You can relax by the pool or play golf while the lawn or other plants are being watered. The automated system can be set to irrigate at a time that is usually uncomfortable for you, such as early in the morning when you are preparing for work or during your rest day when you are sleeping.
Along with the obvious time saving compared to manual landscape irrigation, automatic irrigation saves water as well as prevents from too much or insufficient watering. It can be the key to a lush grass and healthy and vibrant flower beds.
Whilst irrigation tuned at certain times is convenient, the new irrigation systems of latest technologies use intelligent programmers that have soil moisture sensors and weather conditions to determine when your lawn needs water.
If it has recently rained and the soil has been naturally saturated, the intelligent programmer will stop the system from powering on. If the soil still needs some water, the intelligent system will only provide the amount that is needed. Generally a bit more expensive, this technology will save you money in the long run. In addition to reducing water consumption, protecting your plants will prevent the cost of replacing sun-damaged grassland or dead plants and trees.
An automated irrigation system can also increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it. The benefit is double. The system itself will be a valuable feature for buyers and a beautiful and healthy landscape will definitely enhance the attractiveness of the property.
You, your budget and garden can benefit from a professionally installed irrigation system that takes into account the climate, the landscape and the time of the day.

Decide which irrigation system is right for your garden.

The size of the lawn and how extensive the landscaping area will be is the greatest factor in deciding if manual or automatic irrigation is the best option for you.
If your lawns and gardens are small and easy to maintain with manual irrigation, it may not make sense to install an automated irrigation system. It also depends on your schedule and lifestyle. If you are traveling to work and you are far away from home, or if the landscaping in question is at a holiday home that is often free, the automatic system would make sense.
If your landscaping is extensive and time-consuming for proper irrigation, the automatic irrigation system may be the perfect solution. This will prevent from missing a watering because you had to work late or because you just wanted to go out and have fun with your family on your weekend.
In some cases, you may find that both methods work best for you. Maybe your grass is big, but your colorful beds are minimal. The solution can be an automated lawn system, but manual watering of flower beds. This will take only a little while, and with different varieties of flowers, you can give everyone a suitable amount of water. Da-Li can guide you through all your landscaping options and choose the one that’s perfect for you. Contact us and together we can begin to make a decision about the health and preservation of your landscape.