After the coordination and approval of the project for automated irrigation system, it goes to its implementation. It begins by excavating trenches for laying pipes, shafts, cables and a specialized product. Prior to burial of the trenches, a test is made for quality connection and proper operation of the specialized product. After digging the trenches, fine-tuning the specialized product and finishing test. The construction and transmission of an automated irrigation system is completed after our specialist explains the basic functions and operating modes of the programmer model, commanding your irrigation system.

-Automatic irrigation systems
Our automated irrigation systems deliver water in different ways, saving both water and time and money. They can be programmed to deliver water at the best time of day. The wide range of irrigation systems allows precise and automatic control of garden irrigation as an advanced management system that can manage individual irrigation zones, start and stop irrigation pumps, monitor aquatic levels and receive information from the meteorological station on site.
A healthy and beautiful garden needs the right amount of water to thrive. This is why YES uses Hunter-Hydrawise’s intelligent programmer. It automatically adjusts watering based on very accurate weather data from the Internet. The system looks at the forecast of past days to ensure that the exact amount of irrigation is applied. This is achieved through a sophisticated water prediction system that fine-tune irrigation based on weather data. This reduces water consumption to 50%, saving you time and money. Remote Access allows you to view, manage, and control the irrigation programmer from your phone, tablet, or computer. As a customer, you can give us access to your programmer to monitor its proper functioning, monitor its status, and fix any errors before problems occur. We could manage your programmer for you.
Dosing and even irrigation is an essential prerequisite for maintaining the vegetation in good condition. In order to keep the lawns in good condition during the summer months, it is necessary to daily and thoroughly watering with a certain amount of water – a commitment that makes their maintenance much more expensive. For an irrigation installation to work well, there is a need for efficient and sustainable products. Due to its long experience as a world market leader, a company such as Hunter provides its customers with a solution to this problem, given that:
The programmer of the system sets the time at which watering is automatically started. Typically, watering is performed at night, between 24:00 and 8:00 in the morning. This is done in order not to burn the grass from the sun.

  1. The programmer adjusts the time for which the surface will be polished. Depending on the season and vegetation requirements, the watering time varies.
  2. Upon request by the customer, a rain sensor is added to the system, which automatically switches the system off and automatically switches on the system when the air and soil humidity is reduced.
  3. One of the branches that feeds the programmer supplies drip irrigation for irrigated trees, shrubs and flowers.
  4. The irrigation system prevents the subjective factor in manual watering from: – irregular watering – insufficient watering – irregular watering
  5. In the presence of a rainforest system, forget the hoses that you have to stretch across the yard to water.
  6. If there is an irrigation system, you have to pay daily to a person to water. Through the irrigation system, you save time, water and money.We provide a warranty of 12 months for the irrigation systems we have built. If any leaks occur during this period, we will remove the damage for free.
    – drip irrigation
    Drip irrigation – this is the most efficient method for watering the tree-shrub massifs. The efficiency of drip irrigation is nearly 90% or more, as opposed to the sprinkler array, which amounts to about 75-85%.
    The professional drip irrigation project must take into account a number of factors. The main considerations in the design of drip irrigation systems are uniformity, efficiency and reliability. In a world where pure water is an extreme and expensive commodity, using ultra efficient drip irrigation systems and combining them with the right irrigation planning makes it possible to use each drop of water rationally. Reliability must also be incorporated into the drip irrigation project through dedicated nozzles protected from auto-plugging. Modern drip irrigation nozzles are designed to combine pressure compensation, anti-drip properties and self-bleeding characteristics into one.